Athlete Leadership Curriculum

The resources provided here will help Programs, volunteers and Athlete Leaders launch and expand Athlete Leadership initiatives in their Programs. They can also help demonstrate the value of Athlete Leadership to others, empower athletes to self-advocate, and ensure that athletes are given every opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the growth and quality of the movement.

Promoting Athlete Leadership

Orientation to Athlete Leadership to motivate athletes and volunteers to participation, and to share the many roles available to athletes with the goal of integrating athletes into all aspects and levels of Program leadership.

Introduction to Athlete Leadership

This course is an overview of what it means to be an athlete leader. It serves as a guide to help athletes make decisions about their future roles and training in athlete leadership using interactive exercises. This course should be taken prior to any other courses.

Course Materials

  • Global Messenger - Public Speaking
  • Advanced Messenger - Public Speaking                    (Additional materials being developed)
  • Working with The Media                                                (Additional materials being developed)


Guides, reference materials and presentations that help athletes develop the skills needed for effective communication.

Course Materials


Guides, reference materials and presentations that teach athletes how to use technology to effectively communicate their message.


Guides, reference materials and presentations that help Special Olympics athletes in become leaders by being a Special Olympics sports coach or sports official.

Course Materials

  • Additional materials being developed


This course is being developed and will be available in the near future.