Add Story and Calendar Feeds to Your Program Website

April 03, 2013

Did you know that every story and event that you submit to Special Olympics using its story and calendar forms can be displayed on your Program website? It can! See below for the simple directions and examples.

What is the Story and Calendar System?

The Special Olympics main website at has a way for anyone to send in a story for publication. It also has a way for Programs to send in calendar events for publication. The site has received hundreds of stories and of calendar events, but they've mostly been published on the SOI site. 

 Now, Programs can use that same story and calendar system to put stories and events on their own sites. The method is "embedding" and it works just like embedded information from YouTube.

SOI will give you a little piece of HTML code that will pull in all the stories that relate to your Program. A different snippet of code pulls in calendar events for your program.

It is pretty amazing in practice. One line of code placed one time on a page on your site can pull in many stories, many calendar events.

Story Embed Code

<iframe src="
StoryList.aspx?feedid=601" width="400px" height="500px" frameborder="1"></iframe>

The "feedid" is unique to every Program. Ask for your feedid by writing to Will Schermerhorn at SOI

An Example

Special Olympics Michigan uses both the Special Olympics story feed and calendar feed on its home page.

On that page, midway down, you will see a set of stories. All of those stories were submitted using the Share Your Story system, reviewed and approved by a Special Olympics editor and published.

The same is true of the events. Each was submitted using the Share Your Event form, then reviewed by a Special Olympics editor before publishing. 

In both cases, the Special Olympics editor adds "tags" to allow the content to be viewed in all the relevant places on the Special Olympics website. For example, a story about a successful Unified Sports basketball event in Michigan would appear on the Michigan program locator page, the Unified Sports page, the Basketball sport page and the North America region page.

If that same event had been entered into the Share Event system, it would have appeared on the Special Olympics master calendar, the Michigan program locator page, the Unified Sports calendar page and the Basketball sport page.

What this means is, any Program can use the Special Olympics forms to publish news, stories or events. They will appear on the Special Olympics web site, and can show up immediately on their own web sites.

Calendar Embed Code

<iframe src="
CalendarList.aspx?program=Special Olympics NA Virginia" width="300px" height="500px" frameborder="1"></iframe>

The "program" is unique to every Program. Ask for your program ID by writing to Will Schermerhorn at SOI

Embedding Events in Your Website

Public events get exposure on the Special Olympics website in several places, but most importantly, on the home page at Every day, thousands of people visit the Special Olympics site, and most come to the home page first. Every calendar event you submit shows up in several places: The Special Olympics home page, the Global Calendar of Events, the specific Program page it refers to and also on the specific sport or sports pages it refers to. You can get more impact for the effort of sending in your public events to our site by embedding the stream of your events on your website. See the sample code at right.