The Program Locator

January 24, 2015

The Program Locator on the Special Olympics website seamlessly connects new donors, volunteers and athletes to their local programs. It is a very popular section of the site, attracting close to 50,000 page views a month. It's a marketing opportunity like none other.

What Do I Need to Start?

  • Links to pages on your website, You Tube videos, articles, slideshows etc. 
  • A list of key upcoming events/fundraisers with lively descriptions.
  • Volunteer opportunities with titles and short descriptions.
  • A good quality 300x200 pixel photo that best represents your program along with a caption.
  • Up-to-date contact information.
  • Links to social media pages that represent your program (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) 

How can this help my Program get exposure?

The Program Locator is one of the most viewed section on the SOI website, and the section has a separate page for every program at the country and U.S. state level.  Each Program page provides contact information and sports offered. (See an example,Special Olympics Southern California)

In addition, it allows each program to provide a compelling introduction, list social media links, share a photo or two, post upcoming sports events and fundraisers, and advertise volunteer opportunities--all of which link to your website and/or email address.

300 x 200 Areas Served

Enhancing Search Engine Findability. Each Program page can contain the list of cities, counties, provinces and towns served by the Program. These names help people find the page on Special Olympics site search and also through big search engine sites.

Why can’t SOI just link directly to my Program’s website?

The Special Olympics International website is designed to be marketing tool that provides compelling stories, media and updates about the movement.
At the local level, Program websites are used to provide information to those people who are currently involved with the movement—ie. volunteers, athletes, donors and family members. 
If a visitor were to go directly to your Program’s website from the SOI website, their opportunity to explore the movement would be lost.
The Program Locator is designed to have the same look and feel (branding) as the SOI website.  Therefore when a visitor decides to get involved at the local level, the transition from the SOI website is uniform and seamless.

Did You Know?

  • The Program Locator page is the second most viewed page on the SOI website.
  • The average view time of a Program Locator page is more than 25% higher than that of a regular page.
  • Every link on a Program Locator page points to URLs controlled by the Program.

What if I don’t have a website to link to?

The Program Locator can be used as your Program’s online information center where you can offer an introduction to your Program, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, a picture that represents your program, contact information and any links to social media pages that represent your program (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.).

PL Contact Info

Links at a Glance. Each Program page contains a handy list of contact info including website and social media links. This gets SOI site visitors on their way to you as speedily as possible.

Where do I submit my Program and Event Information?

Events Submission Form
Program Locator Info Submission Form

Who do I speak to if I have any questions?

E-communications Product Manager, Rafael Pacheco