Calendars for Program Promotion

May 22, 2012

One of the top search terms for the Special Olympics website is "events." And thousands of people every day go to Program Locator pages, where local events can be shown. Special Olympics Programs can take advantage of that interest by posting their own events on the Special Olympics website.

Two Main Calendars

The calendar on the site is for public events, and you can reach it here:

WWW Calendar

The calendar on the site shows public and nonpublic events. You can reach it here:

Resources Calendar

Why Should I use the Worldwide Events Calendar?

The website is the top online source for information about Special Olympics. That's where 1.5 million people from around the world went for information on Special Olympics in 2012.

The Program Locator, which can show events for every Program, is the number one destination for visitors. It is heavy traffic, and having no events on your Program's page is a missed opportunity.

And the Special Olympics Worldwide Events Calendar is one of the top pages on the SOI website. If your events are not there, consider adding one or more events using this online form..


Submit your event

  • Get in touch with your Regional office to let your contact know you will be adding events
  • Provide clear, detailed location information. Just saying an event is in a city is not enough. Specify the address.
  • Give a short, clear description. Don't go on and on. Just be brief.
  • A website or contact name for additional info is important, so please include it.
  • Enter events using this form

What is the Worldwide Events Calendar?

The Worldwide Events Calendar promotes awareness and drives visitors from the Special Olympics website to participate with local Programs.  It is among the top 10 pages on the Special Olympics main website.

The Master Calendar of Events is on the Resources site only and shows a very different view of our activities.

Region offices and Programs can now add events to the calendar. Every calendar event is read before being approved for display on the SOI website, so events you enter will not appear right away. Enter events using this form.

To add events to the calendar, first check with your Region office to let your contact there know you will be adding events. Make sure you put all required information into the calendar entry form.

Who do I speak to if I have any questions?

E-communications Product Manager, Rafael Pacheco