Share Your Stories, and They Will Go Far

January 24, 2015

The Share Your Story System gives anyone in Special Olympics the chance to share their stories and news. Athletes, coaches, parents, friends, supporters and spectators can all use the publishing system. Learn more about it in the page below.


The Share Your Story system has opened a big new world of publishing for Programs who want exposure on the Special Olympics website and an easy way to share stories using social media.

The system was developed by Special Olympics headquarters in 2012. It uses web-based pages where people can enter the text of stories and send them to Special Olympics. Editors at Special Olympics review each story to ensure it's appropriate for publication. Once a story is approved, the person who created the story gets an email back with a link.

All stories are "tagged"according to their content. Every story, for example, is associated with at least one Program, because authors chooses the nearest Program at the time they write their stories. Stories are tagged according to the content of the story, so if it is about a coach, it is tagged "Coach." If it relates to Unified Sports, it gets that tag, too.

The tags on each story identify story categories where the story will appear. A story from Panama about a Unified Sports coach who traveled to World Games in Los Angeles would show up in the Panama story list, the Unified Sports story list, the Coaches story list and the World Games 2015 story list.

Social Sharing

Every story is shareable by social media. 

This is an important feature because these lists of stories are meant to be compelling, positive tales about the best of Special Olympics. Every shared story gives a little taste of the full story on Facebook, Twitter, Google or Pinterest, and then links to the full story on the Special Olympics website.

Once on the Special Olympics website, visitors will see the chance to share their own stories. This sets up a lovely cycle of discovery and sharing, discovery and sharing.

Put Your Stories on Your Website

Programs who send stories in to Special Olympics can use a simple web technology called inline frames (i-frames) to put their stories on their websites. More than a dozen Special Olympics programs use the i-frames now. 

One of the great benefits of the story i-frames is that once the one line of HTML code is inserted on your website, all stories about your Program automatically show up on your site. 

For more information on this, contact Will Schermerhorn, director of web products for Special Olympics, at