Volunteer and Unified Partner Registration Forms

Before participating, Special Olympics volunteers and unified partners must register with an accredited Special Olympics Program. The forms on this page are for Special Olympics Program staff to use in welcoming people to Special Olympics participation. If you are interested in joining Special Olympics as a volunteer or unified partner, please contact the Special Olympics Program near you for its registration forms.


Download other Special Olympics registration forms by visiting the Athlete Registration Forms page and Young Athletes Registration Forms page.


Volunteer and Unified partner registration forms include:

  1. 1. Registration Form: This form asks for contact, background, and other information.
  2. 2. Release Form: This form goes over risks, use of likenesses, emergency medical care, consent for health program participation, personal information, background check authorization, liability waiver, and other important details.

Forms are available in different versions, designed to address requirements of different countries:

  1. 1. Class A Volunteer and Unified Partner Registration (VOL-UP-1A) and Class B Volunteer Registration (VOL-1B): for Programs in the United States
  2. 2. Volunteer and Unified Partner Registration (VOL-UP-2): for Programs in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland
  3. 3. Volunteer and Unified Partner Registration (VOL-UP-3): for Programs in all other countries

Programs are encouraged to consult local legal counsel to ensure the forms are compliant in their jurisdictions. If you need to make substantive changes to the forms, please contact the SOI Legal Department (legal@specialolympics.org) for approval.