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Sport Teaches Us
Special Olympics is a sports organization, but it's also far more. Through a variety of innovative programs and the involvement of passionate volunteers, Special Olympics transforms lives.
My Athletes Teach Me - Coach Vicky Matarazzo USA
Vicky Matarazzo talks about the Special Olympics athletes she’s coached for 17 years and how their example inspired her after she was diagnosed with cancer.
128 x 85 A day in the life of a Unified Sports football coach
A Day in the Life of a Unified Sports Football Coach
Award-winning video showing what it's like to be a Unified Sports football coach during a big Special Olympics Games. 10 minutes.
128 x 85 A Day in the life of a skiing coach
A Day in the Life of an Alpine Skiing Coach
Join Cristoph Scheurer, Special Olympics Alpine Skiing coach for Team Germany and member of the Alpine Skiing Sport Resource Team, as he takes you through a "day in the life" of an alpine skiing coach at World Winter Games.
128 x 85 Unified Sports Volleyball Video frame grab
Unified Sports Volleyball Coaching Video
This video is designed for use in coach education seminars with specific chapter headings, and it can also be used for general viewing. It's 8:29 in length. 
128x85 Unified Sports Models Video
Unified Sports Models
An in-depth overview of the Unified Sports competitive, player development and recreational models. The video is 8:11 minutes long.
128 x 85 Basketball Grading Video
Basketball Player Grading
This video covers how to assess the ability of basketball players. This "grading" video is a useful tool to assess and keep track of each player's improvement over time.