About Sport Quizzes

Special Olympics sport quizzes are a low-pressure way to introduce coaches and officials to what makes our sports different. All questions are multiple-choice, and all show immediately if an answer is wrong or right. Special Olympics sport quizzes are designed to highlight what makes our sports different. These quizzes are a great way to test knowledge but also make a fine introduction to way rules, procedures and coaching techniques are adapted for people with intellectual disabilities.

How the Quizzes Work

The Special Olympics Sports department has developed these quizzes to be a low-pressure way for people to test their knowledge. All of the quizzes use multiple-choice questions. Every question has a single correct answer; if you select an incorrect answer, you know immediately and can choose again.

As a result, everyone who takes a quiz instantly knows the correct answer to every question. The quizzes are not meant to assess someone's true level of understanding of a sport. Instead, they work as an introduction to a Special Olympics sport, highlighting key differences between the way the sport is run within the Special Olympics environment.


Quizzing for Sports and Coaching Principles

Most sports have their own quizzes, but their are also quizzes that focus on divisioning and on coaching Special Olympics athletes in general. These quizzes would make a good introduction to Special Olympics for incoming coaches, officials and games organizers. Here's a link to the divisioning quiz; this is a link to the coaching Special Olympics athletes quiz.

There are also quizzes that have nothing to do with sports. Here's a master list of all quizzes.

The Importance of Reports
Everyone who takes a Special Olympics sport quiz has the chance to register at the end. As a result, a Program or a games organizing committee can verify who has taken a quiz and who has not. To get information about the quiz reports, contact Brian Gresham, Special Olympics web product manager.

How Can a Program Use the Quizzes?

One of the great things about the Special Olympics quizzes is the quiz report. Everyone who takes a quiz can fill out a form that proves they took the quiz. The form saves their personal information to a master list, and Programs and Special Olympics staff can review the report to see who has taken the quiz. Programs can make taking a quiz mandatory and verify that everyone has taken a quiz.

New Coaches

One way to use a sport-specific quiz is to ask new coaches in that sport to test their knowledge. The quiz will show the coach how much he or she knows and may inspire the coach to learn more. For coaches who have deep experience in a sport outside of Special Olympics, the answers to certain questions will highlight what makes our sports different.

New Officials
In the same way, registered officials will find that they need to take a close look at Special Olympics rules. For example, in swimming competitions, athletes are allowed to touch the bottom of the pool as long as they do not use their feet to move forward. In most circumstances outside of Special Olympics, touching the bottom could lead to disqualification. This point is made in the Coaching Aquatics quiz.