Banners and Buttons for Programs

May 01, 2012

Placing eye-catching donation buttons and banners on your website is an easy and essential part of fundraising. Making the art look great is not as easy. This page has three big batches of ready-to-use Donate art pieces.

This Art's for You

Every dollar counts and generous donations from supporters will help us reach out to even more individuals with intellectual disabilities who want to participate in Special Olympics.

The art in these collections matches popular online advertising dimensions to help you highlight giving on your Program website.  If you have any questions, please be in touch with Olga Woltman at

Best Practices for Using Art

Big is Best. On your home page, make sure the Donate art is prominent. Most times, if people are going to donate to you, they will go to your home page first and look for a Donate button. Make sure it can be found at a glance.

Person-to-Person Connection. People love to see photos of others, so Donate buttons that include pleasing faces really draw attention.

Be Consistent. Put a Donate button on every page of your site if possible. Put it in the same place as much as possible, too, so that people using your site will not have to spend too much time hunting for it.

Mind the Eyes. Studies suggest that someone looking at a photo often follow the gaze of people shown in a photo. So be aware of the subtle message you are sending. If someone shown in a photo is gazing left, for example, put that photo on the right side of the page to direct attention back into the page.

Stay in Step with Seasons. It might be helpful to make a calendar note to yourself to change the Donate art in Fall and Spring. Sometimes standard art pieces blend into the background if you use your own site freqently, and you might not notice that the seasons have changed but your art has not.