Get Into It Curriculum Overview

May 22, 2012

Get Into It is a new curriculum for students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. It offers web-based interactivity for students & teachers, has a service-learning emphasis, is compatible with United States standards of learning...and is fun!


Online Activities. Create-a-Tale is one of several interactive games and activities available for free to students on the Get Into It website. See Create-a-Tale for yourself.

Who's it for?

The Get Into It® curriculum is designed for grades K-12 and is divided into four different grade-level sections (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12). Get Into It® is designed to be taught to regular education students with modifications and extensions to serve students of all abilities. Get Into It® can be taught by subject-specific teachers, homeroom teachers, guidance counselors, physical education teachers, school psychologists and more. There is a section of Get Into for educators and a separate section for students.


Video Features. Hear from Special Olympics athletes and their partners on important questions about acceptance, Special Olympics, and the R-word. Watch and listen.

How is this different from SO Get Into It?

Besides being online instead of in a box or on a CD-ROM, Get Into It was designed through a completely new framework. Get Into It is a service-learning curriculum, which means it connects the classroom content to the work students are doing outside in their community. Get Into It connects each lesson to various national standards and all students design their own service-learning project to complete at the end of the curriculum. Get Into It is also aligned with character education and anti-bullying initiatives, to fit with the latest educational trends.

What are the new website features?

The Get Into It website is full of new features for both students and educators. Once educators register online, they can not only download the lesson content for free, but they can also access various videos, stories, and other resources that enhance the curriculum. Educators can join the educator section of Fan Community to share best practices or go to Classroom Conversations to read about recent news stories that can lead to great discussions. Students can check out the new activities on the website, including: Support Card Creator, Wall of Faces, Create-A-Tale and Event Planner. Students can also sign in to the Student Section of the Fan Community and share what they’re learning.

How do I market this information?

 In this resources section you’ll find a variety of marketing materials that Programs can use when speaking to schools. There is a basic brochure and flyer that describe the curriculum, letters and guidelines to send to educators to help them get started, and details on the results of the original pilot evaluation. There’s even a full PowerPoint presentation that covers Get Into It and Project UNIFY.

See anything you’re missing?

Email Jenni Newbury at and she can help you out.