SOI Leadership Video Requests

May 01, 2012

Special Olympics HQ offers to videotape messages by SOI leadership every other month for Regions and Programs to use for promotions, to set the tone for big events or other purposes.


Have Tim Shriver at your Event. Even if he cannot be there in person, Tim Shriver's videotaped message will bring extra energy to your event.

Get On the Schedule

The videotaping is done every other month, depending on travel schedules and other events. The finished files are provided in MP4 format in most cases.

Any Program wishing to request a message must first get approval from the Regional office. Only Regional offices can send the formal request to SOI communications.

Here is an example of a recent video session with Tim Shriver: this one is in MP4 format, andthis one is in WMV format.

Required Info

All scripts must be provided at least 24 hours in advance – preferably sooner. In addition, Departments and Regional offices requesting a message will be charged a fee of $500 per message to cover expenses. 

The Request Form

To request a message, please fill out a video request form.

Notices of upcoming video sessions will be sent out at least a week beforehand.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to write