The Special Olympics Logo

One of the most popular requests for images on the Special Olympics Resources site is for the Special Olympics official logo. Requests for a digital EPS or JPG file of the Special Olympics official logo are reviewed by the Special Olympics' Communications team.

Logo Inquiries

If you have questions about logo usage, colors, and other details, please send e-mail to Be sure to say when you intend to use it, how you intend to use it and where you intend to use it.

Branding Changes

Special Olympics has updated its branding policies and materials. The logo itself is not changing, but the font used for the words "Special Olympics" and the accepted colors are changing. Information about these changes is in the Special Olympics Branding section.

Special Olympics logo

This is one of a small number of Special Olympics logo arrangements.

Uses for the SO Logo

These sorts of placements are common and acceptable:

  • Banners for events
  • T-shirts/sweatshirts
  • Specialty Items (mugs, hats, pens, etc.)

If you are running a local event, please contact your local program to obtain the local program Special Olympics logo. (See the Program Locator for contact information for all country and U.S. state programs. For example if you are having an event in Maryland, please contact Special Olympics Maryland. Special Olympics headquarters will not provide logos for local events.